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​Your Strategic Talent Solutions Investment

The battle for top engineering professionals is a constant pain point for organizations. In today’s environment it’s nearly impossible to avoid. As both recruiters and hiring managers scramble for scarce talent, inevitable inefficiencies, distrust, and challenges arise between them, especially if the time wasn’t taken to build a scalable recruiting function. This friction causes a disconnect that can be felt throughout the entire candidate and employee experience.

Today, leading organizations recognize they must reshape their talent management capabilities to attract and retain top professionals. That’s where we come in…

Heristic is dedicated to building inclusive workplaces that enable employee engagement and attract diverse, top talent. Our team has more than 15 years of talent strategy and organizational culture experience, and we’ve learned along the way that there are a couple of strategies that actually work to increase the function of your organizational network. Our methodology assists organizations in generating higher brand visibility at a lower cost. And, ultimately, drive company growth through the attraction of high performing individuals who share the same cultural goals as their organization. Heristic is dedicated to uncovering the hidden opportunities and root causes within your organization’s talent management, and bringing them to focus.

1. We work within the organization to examine and advise talent management programs by identifying its current and future needs and circumstances.

2. We collaborate with key stakeholders to identify its desired talent management vision and understand key business challenges and their root causes.

3. Finally, we outline a results-driven strategy to address how the company will acquire, develop, engage and retain talent. Furthermore, we delve into internal practices and processes to ensure these activities are aligned to deliver their full value.

Our solutions produce a rich and holistic work environment so that our clients are able to produce a better product, improve employee satisfaction and retention, create greater workforce productivity, and reduce costs.

Interested in learning more about what we can do for you? Contact us here.

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