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PODCAST: Celebrating Female Founders w/ heristic - Pt. 2

Updated: May 20, 2022

About the episode

We're back with the second part honoring some amazing female founders in our network. In this episode, Owen, Kristin, and Mercedes dive a little more into Kristin’s story and learn how and why education, activism, and encouragement are all so vital for women and other minority founders. They also get into some fascinating data surrounding remote work and how and why it affects demographics differently. And finally, they cover some crucial tips on how to start closing the equity gap in your own business and how keeping these factors in mind can help you succeed. Don't miss it!

Get in Touch with Kristin and Mercedes:

About The Founder's Forge Podcast

Building a company isn't easy. We chronicle the unfiltered stories, struggles, and successes of early-stage founders as they are forged into the leaders of tomorrow.

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