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PODCAST: Reimagining Company Culture

About the episode

In this episode of Reimagining Company Culture, we’re chatting with Mercedes Ballard, Co-Founder & Talent Advisor, and Kristin Bonds, Co-Founder & Strategy Advisor at heristic. Mercedes Ballard is a Talent Management specialist with a successful track record in talent acquisition and culture. Kristin Bonds has a long history of recruiting and building Talent Acquisition infrastructure inside organizations of all sizes, and now she most enjoys helping startups create efficient talent programs that build inclusion into the bones of organizations from day one.

Tune in to learn Mercedes’ and Kristin’s thoughts on hiring referrals, scaling DEI efforts for growing small and medium-sized businesses, implementing changes based on feedback, and more!

About Reimagining Company Culture

AllVoices Reimagining Company Culture is a series discussing emerging trends and priorities shaping the future of workplace culture and employee wellbeing. AllVoices highlights thought leaders who are constantly evolving their strategy and can provide insight to folks about how to address new business challenges. AllVoices is on a mission to create safe, happy, and healthy workplaces for all, and they’re excited to learn from experts who share their mission.

About AllVoices

In today's workforce, people often don't feel empowered to speak up and voice their opinions about workplace issues, including harassment, bias, and other culture issues. This prevents company leadership from making necessary changes, and prevents people from feeling fulfilled, recognized, and included at work.

At AllVoices, we want to change that by providing a completely safe, anonymous way for people to report issues directly to company leaders. This allows company leadership real transparency into what’s happening in their companies—and the motivation to address issues quickly. Our goal is to help create safer, more inclusive companies.

AllVoices Social Accounts

LinkedIn- @AllVoices

Instagram- allvoices

Facebook- @allvoicesco

Twitter- @allvoicesco

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