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Kendra Scott 2021 Featured Female Founder

heristic is a female- and minority-owned consultancy specializing in Strategic Talent Management solutions. We assist organizations in overcoming staffing, training, workflow, and culture challenges. We specialize in custom and turnkey solutions to simultaneously fill seats quickly and address long-term talent strategies that directly address issues such as inclusion, leadership development, ongoing education, and operational efficiency in recruiting teams.


heristic has a vision to solve for more inclusive, engaged cultures in every business. We campaign for the future of modern workplaces to become thriving, diverse centers of innovation.


heristic works toward excellence and inclusion within workspaces through a human-centric and heuristic approach. Our top priority is to build long-lasting solutions that evolve organizations by crafting agile talent management capabilities built around clear business requirements that produce sustained results.


Be courageous.

Be intentional.

Be future-focused.

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