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WEBINAR: How Healthy is Your Company Culture?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

The world of work is dramatically changing and the time to revolutionize the workplace is now. Heristic co-founders Mercedes and Kristin will discuss their workplace culture audit and how to build inclusion into the bones of any organization. Questions are welcome! PowerToFly DEI Consultant Zara Chaudary will moderate the discussion. #diversityreboot2021 #prideatwork #belongingatwork #workplaceculture


Mercedes Ballard Co-Founder & Talent Advisor, heristic

Mercedes is a career-long recruiter and talent management professional. She has robust and well-rounded experience in working internal, as well as through recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and agency partnerships to support startups and enterprises in scaling their engineering teams during growth-stage to achieve product and manufacturing success. Within her own organization, Mercedes has been considered a culture champion, building community and fostering an environment where everyone can show up authentically in the workplace.

As a professional networker, Mercedes has unique access to many diverse talent pools and community partnerships working to bridge the gap of Black, Brown, and other underrepresented groups in tech and startups. She is passionate about helping early-stage corporations build holistic talent solutions and organizational culture. Today, she uses her expertise and passion to uplift high-growth tech companies in building a future of work that works for all. Kristin Bonds Co-Founder & Programs Advisor, heristic

Kristin is a seasoned talent recruiter and talent manager with deep roots in building diverse and niche teams across a broad range of technical specialties thanks to her experience at tech companies of all sizes. She has worn many hats in her career, but is most passionate about building effective talent workflows, trainings, and programs to make any pipeline of talent run smoother and to empower employees and managers to maximize their potential in their career journeys. She believes it is best to build inclusion into the bones of any growing organization to enable the thriving workplace of the future to become the “here and now”. Kristin is a culture driver, an internal champion for core values, and pushes hard for corporate philanthropy no matter where she is. Helping to develop organizations to cultivate belongingness pulls a deep heartstring for Kristin, as she is a culture driver who is passionate about work being rewarding and fulfilling for any person of any background. A lifelong activist that stays close to organizations helping her community in Austin, TX, she hopes to continue building bridges between the growing tech community and underrepresented talent in the STEM space.

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