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Talent Programs

Your Trusted Partner

Whether you are seeking to increase employee engagement, cultivate a diverse and inclusive workspace, or develop a workforce plan that works for your high-growth company, we make it easy for you to lead your company into the future.

Our programs are designed with small and medium sized companies in mind. 

First, we ASSESS where your company is at and establish a baseline to measure what success looks like. We do all the legwork so that you can focus on your day to day responsibilities.  

Then, using the data and research from our audit, we IDENTIFY any areas for improvement and create a comprehensive plan for your company to execute. 

Finally, as your trusted partner, heristic works with your HR and Talent leaders to roll out and IMPLEMENT a solution that works specifically for your group. We handle everything from tedious project management tasks to ensuring you have all the resources you need to attain your vision and creating a roadmap for future iterations. 

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Our Solutions

Recruiting Programs: Utilizing agencies for hiring is a necessity until internal processes are in place, let us help you with that.

  • Technical recruiting & pipeline development

  • Recruitment tools & process development

  • Recruiter for recruiter hiring

  • Recruitment branding & strategy

  • Virtual interviewing process building

  • And more...

Inclusive Programs: A company simply cannot compete without an inclusive workforce, let us help you develop a culture your employees will be proud to rep.

  • Inclusive & culture assessment 

  • Unconscious bias training

  • D&I initiative development

  • Culture-building program development

  • And more...

Giving a Presentation

Training & Development: Evolution is necessary to enable your organization to grow and keep employees engaged.  Let us evolve together.

  • Hiring manager coaching

  • Behavioral interviewer training

  • Cultural Diversity & Intelligence Training

  • Remote workforce best practices

  • And more…

Working Together
Solutions: Advice & Resources
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