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Who We Are

Building world-class inclusive teams & talent workflows

heristic is a minority- and women-owned Talent Management and Strategy consulting company. Our team provides end to end solutions across various talent capacities. We're equipped to handle your toughest requisitions, and specialize in customized solutions in talent programs and culture.

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heu·ris·tic /hyo͞oˈristik/

adjective enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves.

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Our Mission

heristic works towards excellence and diversity within the work place. We aim to provide a human-centric and heuristic solution to your top workforce challenges. Our priority is to build long-lasting strategic talent solutions that evolve with your organization.

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Mercedes Ballard

Talent Advisor - Founder

Mercedes is a professional networker and talent acquisitions veteran through staffing agencies, corporations, and recruiting process outsourcings (RPOs). As a woman of color who has built communities in the workplace throughout her career, she is passionate in helping other companies build holistic organizational culture. Mercedes is SourceCon Academy certified and has developed unique access to many diverse talent pipelines and resources. Today, she uses her experience and passion to uplift high-growth tech companies to create efficient recruiting and onboarding flows, diversity and inclusion programming, and employee development programming. 

See Mercedes' testimonials here.


Kristin Bonds

Programs Advisor - Founder

Kristin is an experienced talent recruiter and talent manager with deep roots in hiring diverse and niche teams across a broad range of technical specialties, but especially in software, machine learning, and hardware. She has worn many hats in her career, but is most passionate about building effective talent workflows, trainings, and programs to make any pipeline of talent run smoother. Kristin is a culture driver who is passionate about work being rewarding and fulfilling for any person of any background, and making sure everyone feels like they belong.

Check out Kristin's experience here. 

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