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Workplace Culture Audit

Leaders are fast waking up to the crucial role of workplace culture in organizational success. Great workplace cultures generate an energy that fuels their people to innovate, to wow their customers, to draw in the best people, and to outperform their competitors. Understanding where your company’s culture stands can help you access what is necessary to build a great employee experience and create business success.

As organizations become more intentional about improving workplace culture, identifying their target states and beginning to address deficiencies and problems, culture improves. To continue substantial culture gains, organizations need to pursue a cohesive strategy that deliberately and holistically connects culture efforts with employee experience initiatives. What’s more, when these programs and initiatives are tied to larger business objectives they are more effective and can grow and adapt through the highs and lows.

In 2020, we saw an overall decrease in culture health -- with morale at its lowest and burnout at its highest. We are at a pivotal time for organizations to take advantage of change to improve their culture.

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