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Outcome-driven, strategic talent solutions

We empower you to develop inclusive and scalable talent programs that allow your high-growth organization to thrive.

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The world of work is dramatically changing. 

There is a renewed importance of corporate responsibility -- to employees, consumers, vendors, the environment and beyond. The expansion of the gig economy is uprooting our ideals of the 9-5. Remote and blended workforces are complicating organizational behavior, culture, and procedures. 

It is more challenging now than ever to sustain an agile and nimble workforce that can endure and scale in our disruptive, dynamic digital-age.

The time for revolutionizing the workplace is now. 

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. 

   - Desmond Tutu

As champions for the future of work, we build talent management capability that aligns with your organization’s business objectives to enable your high-growth organizations to thrive. Imagine a workplace that is equitable and harmonious and where authenticity is the status quo. Employee satisfaction and wellbeing are paramount to organizational culture, and diversity & empathy are synonymous with your employer branding. 

Without these specific elements embedded into its DNA, your organization runs the risk of alienating specific groups of employees and turning away top talent.

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The Work We Do

In our careers we’ve seen that conventional corporate talent & diversity programs haven’t made nearly enough progress. Workplaces aren’t equitable enough in terms of representation, opportunity, leadership, and pay. Employee perks often exclude marginalized groups. Recruitment, onboarding, and performance management programs fail to take into account the full person. 

We work to build inclusion into the bones of any organization to help them arrive at the future of work faster - where contributors thrive in equitable and inclusive environments that foster incredible innovation. This includes work in: 

Talent Process Building

Recruiting and onboarding process workflows, employee engagement and retention, workforce mobility planning, remote and blended workforce capabilities and providing access to underrepresented pipelines and full-cycle recruitment for your most difficult engineering roles

Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Programs

Program building for inclusive talent & recruiting strategies and building robust and sustainable initiatives and training for Interviewer, Bias, Behavioral Interviewing, and Hiring Manager Enablement

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Your Trusted Partners

When you choose heristic, you’re choosing Trusted Partners. We pride ourselves in meeting our clients where they are in their journey of building inclusion into their organization. Whether you’re a Series A growth-stage company, a non-profit seeking organizational expertise, or an established company that’s struggling to “get things just right”, we’ve been there and we’re here for you. 

The heristic approach to assess, identify, and implement allows your organization to choose the services that best suit your needs in the manner that is best given your resources. heristic is capable of accesses your organization's baseline, identifying goals and metrics to build your strategic roadmap, and will work side by side with your internal People & Operations teams to implement programs tailored to your specific needs. 

Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.

   - Dolores Huerta

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Our Story

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heristic was conceptualized in the Summer of 2020 at the precipice of personal, social, and economic change. As career-long recruiters and talent management professionals, cofounders Mercedes & Kristin were determined to use their passion and expertise to help build a future of work that works for all. Independently, they have grown five startups from founding teams to full scale engineering houses and have partnered with some of the largest tech companies in the nation – Google, GE Digital, Facebook, and Twitter to name a few – to build and grow talent programs and organizational culture from within. However, their true passion is working with startups and growing companies to build inclusion into the bones of any organization. 

As seasoned networkers, Mercedes & Kristin have access to world-class consultants, speakers, agencies, and community partners to support future iterations and ongoing work at your organization.

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